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You are in the right place if you:

  • Struggle to work effectively at home
  • Get distracted a lot and have trouble focusing on a task
  • Often find yourself not knowing where the time went
  • Don’t use any tools to organize your working environment
  • Looking for new ideas to work from home that suit you
  • Want to create a workspace that inspires you every day

Here you’ll find some productivity tips from a girl who actually made a leap from years of the same 10 to 7 (and sometimes 9 to 9) working days at the office to the freedom of being a home worker – wherever the home might be at the time.

A bit about me: how it all started

juliet effective at home

Hi, I’m Juliet! I started to work online from home back in 2009 when I was in high school.

Being an introvert and not a big fan of crowds and strangers, I wouldn’t consider any typical job for myself. Working as a waitress, a cashier, or in any kind of delivery or customer service field, just wasn’t a good fit.

I was always on good terms with technology so looking for an online job was a no-brainer. For the first two years, I was a freelance writer.

I guess becoming a blogger years later is a natural outcome.

Since then, I’ve tried on different hats, researched plenty of online job opportunities, and listened to tons of courses.

I surely learned a lot about working from home and, the most important, organizing myself to stay productive at all times.

Now I’m 27 and after obtaining a Master’s degree in software development and a few years of the same boring office hours I’m back to being my own boss and working from home.

I made a hard choice to leave my office job after repeatedly failing to negotiate remote work opportunities. Although my project was quite independent and I was working directly with remote clients, they still needed me in the office for no reason.

Only later I realized that most people are not as organized as I am which makes bosses have trust issues – and this is how the idea of creating this blog was born.

Let’s see how I can help you be productive at home!

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