18 Best Candles For Working At Home In 2021
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18 Best Candles For Working At Home In 2021

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Do you like to burn candles at work to set the right mood for concentration and creativity? If so, you are in the right place! In this post, I share the best candles for working at home that are available in 2021. As most of us are forced to work remotely, these nicely scented at-home candles will support your workflow and tune your mood to do your job effectively!

If you are looking for cheap candles, Amazon is probably the best place to buy them. You can literally get a pack of 10 candles with various fragrances for the same price as you usually buy one good quality candle in a specialized store. This may be a reasonable option if you don’t care about specific smells and are short on budget.

However, if you are anything like me, you probably want a more personalized and carefully chosen candle for your home office. I am very picky in terms of fragrances as they may influence your mood in many different ways. Some irritate you, distract from work, or just relax you too much, therefore aren’t suitable for burning when you are working or studying. Others, on the other hand, are specifically infused with the right flavors to ensure deep focus and effectiveness.

So here is my selection of the 18 best candles to burn for productivity! It features the best candle scents for studying and working at home and a few soy candles that are great for gifts. Enjoy!

1. High AF Sassy Candle

Hand-poured by the Malicious Women Candle Co, this is the candle for a sassy and strong confident woman! Definitely not for a sensitive snowflake.

It’s claimed to be infused with billion-dollar ideas! Exactly the kind of inspiration you need as a freelancer or entrepreneur working from home.

They also have a ton of other candles with powerful messages to motivate you for great achievements.

2. Homesick State Candle

homesick candle for home office

However far from your hometown you are, familiar scents always remind you about the best that’s there to miss.

Homesick candles are meant to give you a piece of home wherever you may be by capturing the essence of your favorite US state.

Influenced by the locals for most authenticity, these candles always smell like home.

3. Callisto Bear Candle

cute bear candle to elevate your cozy home office

Your home office doesn’t have to be all strict and business-related as corporate offices usually are! You can make it as cozy as you like so you’ll be drawn there every day to work for your dreams.

Add a nice touch to your desk with this cute little bear-shaped candle that’ll create a good aesthetic around you even when not lit.

It smells like evergreen wood and mint: amazing natural scents to elevate your working experience!

4. Salt Water Candle

salt water candle for calmness

Simple but elegant, this candle is for those who prefer minimalist aesthetic at home.

Made with essential oils and plain shapes, it’ll fit every room decoration and peacefully calm you down after a long working day.

Salt water candle combines the fresh smell of sea salt with notes of citrus, seagrass, and clean driftwood. Definitely gives you Cyprus vibes and might even inspire you to plan your next island getaway!

5. Boss Lady Candle

Another cool candle from Malicious women is for a true girl boss!

Created by women to empower women, these candles are more than just inspiring. Every scent has a story behind it, and the portion of every purchase is donated to support women in need.

It smells like freshly roasted coffee beans with a pinch of caramel and vanilla. So delicious to wake you up and energize for the day!

Also works as a cool gift to encourage a hustling friend!

6. Terrarium Candle

beautiful terrarium candle is a perfect addition for your home office

These nature-inspired candles will make a beautiful addition to any feminine workplace.

Cactus one contains vanilla and pine fragrance oils whereas the one with the flower smells like white tea and jasmine.

Terrarium candle is one of the best candles for gifts as it’s so aesthetically pleasing! A plant or succulent lover will especially enjoy it and appreciate your thought.

It’s almost too cute to burn!

7. Anecdote Comfort Glass Candle

anecdote is one of the fun best candles for working at home

Inspired by different cultural trends, these anecdote candles are for an intelligent person who is more than just a pretty face.

Made from coconut-soy wax and infused with nostalgia, the Vinyl Records candle is all about woodsy scents to make you feel good even during a hard-working day.

Besides being a good conversation starter to put on your office desk, it always smells like something old and pleasant. Careful: brings out good memories!

8. City Skyline Candles

skyline candle is a nice touch for an office desk

If you don’t have the panoramic view of a downtown behind your home office window, these city skyline candles may be a nice and affordable substitute!

If one thought about New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, or Chicago touches your heart strings, this is just the candle for you.

Works like a warm reminder of your home city, a gift for friends who are far away, or a long-lasting souvenir from an awesome road trip!

9. Woodwick Cinnamon Chai Candle

People either love cinnamon, or hate it. If you are the former, this may be exactly what you are looking for!

The smell is not very strong but soothing which is perfect for focused environment like your home office. And it’s claimed to fill your room with cinnamon aroma for up to 100 hours so you won’t have to look for a new one any time soon.

And if the look and the smell isn’t enough, it pleases your ears too with the cozy crackling sound of a fireplace, all thanks to the natural wooden wick!

10. P.F. Candle Co. Travel Jar Candle

best travel candle for a good mood while working at home

When the smell is good, the mood will follow!

Whether you prefer sandalwood, coconut, or grapefruit, you are up for a treat. And the look of this candle alone creates the calm atmosphere that is bound to sparkle some creativity!

The glass jar with a brass lid will live long after the initial candle is gone: you can re-pour it with soy wax or use otherwise for any storage or decoration purposes.

11. Landscape Frosted Glass Candle

frozen candle is the best for someone who works from home

Candle makers can’t stop surprising me with their creative ideas!

These candles from Anthropology look like that have just been frozen, although they won’t melt when you touch them. Such a cool decoration piece to make your office space more interesting!

Blue frosty look of Green Tea and Bergamot candle is my favorite, it gives my imagination the idea of being in a beautiful remote frozen land. What’s yours?

12. Chesapeake Bay Candle

The names of these candles are intriguing and give you a hint of what mood to expect from lighting each of them. Focus + Patience is probably the most suitable for deeply concentrating while working at home.

Burn Reflection + Clarity candle to get fresh ideas for your work and Serenity + Calm one for rejuvenating after a long day. Strength + Energy with juicy pineapple coconut flavor is likely a good fit to get energized in the morning before you start your first task.

And did I mention they are 100% recyclable?

13. Ryan Porter Zodiac Candle

zodiac candle for your cozy home

If you are easily offended, just scroll to the next one.

Do you know your zodiac sign? I’m a Sagittarius and this candle knows who’s the boss here! Find out what it says about you!

I love to have little things like that around me that inspire me to hustle for my dreams and rock! Have you seen my collection of inexpensive motivational gift ideas for employees? They are all equally amazing for self-motivation!

Back to the candles. These have a clearly defined feminine vibe and smell so good! Don’t hesitate for too long as some signs get out of stock more often than others!

14. Critter Candle

cute candle that works as a planter too

Ceramic things are always good to keep in the interior: they wake our internal warm feeling of being at home and safe. And these are in the shapes of cute little creatures, aren’t they adorable?

This may be a nice way to please your inner cat lover while keeping things looking professional at your home office!

Coolest thing? After the candles are finished, you can totally use them as planters for succulents, or for storing small office supplies that tend to clutter your desk.

15. Boheme Wanderlust Candle

boheme candle with nice fragrance to burn at home

Boheme candles can easily be the best candles in the world as they are meant for adventurous travelers with good taste.

Hand-poured in the USA with vegan coconut soy-wax blend, they introduce rich flavors that take your mind away from home.

Maybe not the best to concentrate at home but definitely good to inspire daydreaming about your next exotic vacation!

16. Champagne Triple Wick Candle

oversized candle is a centerpiece of your desk

If you haven’t used oversized candles before, that’s your chance! This one is huge and really long-lasting, and even comes with its own luxury designer handbag!

Minimalists will love it as it may become the centerpiece of your desk and the only office decor you need. Elegant and chic, it surely says a lot about the person behind that desk.

A bit pricey but so worth it!

17. Bohemian Rêves Candle

fun candle to burn at home that reminds you to take breaks from working

Every person who works from home usually sits a lot during the day. We know we have to take those breaks to move around but we rarely do as we dive into the workflow. Especially when you like what you do, you may easily sit all day behind your desk, working and forgetting to even eat. Am I right?

Get yourself a delicate reminder in the form of a fun candle that tells you to stand up every time it catches your eye! It has a fresh patchouli smell topped with the notes of agave and aloe to create a pleasant mood for the best productivity.

18. Magical Frosted Forest Candle

Yankee candles have a wide variety of seasonal scents but this Magical Frosted Forest seems the best for creating a creative atmosphere in your home office.

If you love woodsy smells as much as I do, this scent that combines pine needles, white cedar, and eucalyptus will likely become your favorite!

It comes in a glass jar with glass lid and lasts for more than 100 hours. You may now dive straight into your work without worrying about buying the next one soon!

Try aroma diffuser as an alternative to scented candles for home

using aromatherapy diffuser at home instead of scented candles

Candles are awesome for creating the right atmosphere at home but there are also other ways to make your work zone smell good. Using an aromatherapy diffuser may be worth considering if:

  • you are worried about an open fire
  • don’t like having to trim the wicks
  • hate the smoky smell after you blow out your candles
  • like to change the scent of your workplace often
  • or want to wake up in a good-smelling room.

An aroma diffuser provides a really long-lasting alternative that removes all those negative effects. You just turn it on and forget about it while your room is getting filled with your favorite scent. You can use essential oils of your choice (and some diffusers even come with pre-packaged collections of popular oils!) and change the mood in your home office by just putting a few drops of another oil into it (as opposed to buying a new candle for a new scent every time).

They come in different sizes so you can choose the right one depending on how big your room is and how long your need it to smell good. Also, pay attention to how quiet it is in case you’ll want it to continue working while you are sleeping.

Here are a few diffuser options from Amazon that you might wanna check out:

By the way, aroma diffusers aren’t only for smell. They are also humidifiers that make the air at your home less dry which is good for your skin, breathing, and has other health benefits!

Final thoughts on best candles for working at home

best scented candles for working at home

These were my 18 favorite work from home candle options! Have you found something that resonated with you among these? I personally prefer citrus and woodsy scents when it comes to candles for productivity ’cause they spark my creative force and set the fresh environment that is easy to concentrate in. Strong scented candles or spa scented candles may distract you too much and are, in my opinion, more suitable for the bathroom where you relax after a long productive day of work.

Which do you think are the best candles to burn at a home office?

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