12 Best Productivity Planners That Skyrocket Your Success in 2021
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12 Best Productivity Planners That Skyrocket Your Success in 2021

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If you don’t wanna be as unproductive as an average office worker, you need to schedule your days with your important goals in mind. Specific tools you use for planning don’t matter as much as your mindset as long as you plan regularly and work according to that plan, although they may keep you on track longer! That being said, here are the best productivity planners available in 2021, every one of which will help you structure your goals and tasks effectively.

To me, they all look amazing in terms of motivation potential so it’s a pity you only need one per year and have to choose! The good thing is that there are all kinds of different options: dated and undated, big and small, girly and classic, business and personal.

Whether you want a simple minimalist solution with a professional look or a beautiful book with inspiring quotes and journal prompts, I’m sure you’ll find your favorite planner somewhere on this list as it combines all the best day planners I was able to find!

Without further introductions, here are 12 best planners for productivity to use in 2021!

Quick links for 12 best productivity planners for 2021:

1. Biz Babe Happy Planner

happy planner to stay productive

Main features:

  • Undated monthly planner with 12 sections: start whenever you are ready!
  • 12 beautiful dividers with inspiring quotes
  • Dashboard layout for every week

What’s expected from the best planner for productivity? To be simple, well-organized, good-looking and motivational, right? Biz Babe happy planner has all that.

The minimalist cover design is on point as it reminds you to work hard and doesn’t distract you with unnecessary elements. Inside you’ll see 12 sections, each of which has a beautiful divider with an inspiring quote so you can quickly find the month you need. To make this even easier, the Happy Planner includes a pack of stickers with the months’ names.

This planner is undated which means it doesn’t put any pressure on January 1st. Whenever you decide to become a more organized person, just start filling your plans in right away! Be it April or October, that month is as good as January to start a new life!

Here is a flip-through video if you wanna take a peak inside the Happy Planner!

Note: If that’s not exactly what you are looking for, they have a whole collection of similar planners with different covers, sizes, and layouts. You can find it here!

2. Panda Planner Classic

panda planner is the best planner for personal productivity

Main features:

  • Daily tasks, schedule, priorities, reviews
  • Weekly and monthly goal planning
  • Breaking down projects and focus points
  • Cute panda on the cover!

Here is another cool undated planner, although they have a dated version as well. Personally, I prefer to fill in the dates myself as it gives me the flexibility to start at any moment without any time boundaries set by someone else. Maybe it’s my little way to feel free! Anyway, always choose what works for you and not just listen what some organization guru recommends. The more comfortable you feel with your routines, the less resistance you’ll experience and the longer you’ll stick to them!

Panda Planner is the absolute best day planner to use as a tool for personal productivity! Other than the traditional day schedule where you fill in the chores, appointments, and Zoom meetings, there are sections to define your priorities for the day and transform them into actionable tasks. It also contains daily review sections that you fill in the morning and before bed to reflect your expectations for the day and its results.

As if that’s not enough, Panda Planner has a whole process for weekly and monthly reviews so you always stay on top of your goals! From setting goals and defining focus points to tracking habits and planning new projects, this is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal as a productive person!

Note: If you don’t like the blue, it comes in black, orange, and purple as well!

3. Best Planner Ever

best planner ever for productivity

Main features:

  • Goal setting with reflection prompts
  • Vision board pages
  • Self-care tracking

As the name itself screams, this planner is for confident people who know what they want and are ready to put in the work to achieve it!

First of all, it’s focused on creating a vision for your life and then breaking it down into actionable steps. For this, it includes yearly and monthly overview pages as well as vision board pages to visualize your dream life. Then, there are goal tracking tools to outline your strategies for success and some reflection space to clarify your “why”.

There is much more to it than a simple productivity planner! It helps you achieve a work-life balance by focusing not only on the work part but also on self-care and healthy habits. Isn’t it really the Best Productivity Planner Ever?

4. Clever Fox Planner

Main features:

  • Well-thought design
  • Breaking down goals and prioritizing
  • Lots of life design pages

Backed up by thousands of happy reviews, Clever Fox Planner is clearly one of the best productivity planners you can use to get your life together.

It’s intentionally made undated and organized in the way that you can start it at any random day of the year or continue after a break without wasting pages. Besides the expected weekly pages, this paper planner contains plenty of different life design sections. Goals and priorities, daily rituals and gratitude prompts, vision board pages, blank dotted pages in the end for doodles… and this is just a fraction of what’s inside that cute planner with a fox!

As a bonus, Clever Fox Planner includes 150 colorful stickers, an inner pocket for notes, three ribbon bookmarks, and an elastic band – everything for convenient use. It’s obviously made by people who use planners themselves!

Here is a short instruction from the creators on how to make the most of this planner!

Note: Clever Fox Planner comes in a wide selection of bright positive cover colors so you can choose your favorite!

5. Planner Pad Organizer

planner pad organizer has its own system to make the most of every week

Main features:

  • Exclusive Funneling System
  • 3-step weekly view
  • Detailed daily scheduling

Planner Pad stands out from the sea of productivity planners as it has its own organizational system inside. Creators call it The Exclusive Planner Pad Funneling System and no other planners have anything similar. The weekly view in a Planner Pad Planner is based on this idea of a 3-step process: categorize, prioritize, schedule.

First, you write down all the different areas of your life that need attention this week. Those will be categories and they go into the top section together with what needs to be done for each. Next, you fill in the middle section, which is aimed at prioritizing tasks and breaking them down into specific days of the week. Finally, you reach the appointments section at the bottom, where you can schedule your days in detail according to your tasks from the previous funnel layer.

Here is a short introduction that explains the Planner Pad Organizer’s system:

Note: They are very flexible with forms and sizes so you can order a dated or undated planner of whatever size you prefer or even just a pages-only version that comes with holes punched for your binder.

6. Make Your Dreams Happen 2021 Planner

Main features:

  • Inspiring vibrant design
  • Weekly planning pages
  • Monthly tabs on every page

If you love llamas, this is the best monthly planner for you! Just grab it, and the rest will follow! Your planner is meant to generate positive feelings so you get into a productive mood full of motivation and positive energy every time you grab it. This beautiful Make Your Dreams Happen planner does the trick thanks to the cutest couple of llamas combined with an encouraging message on the cover!

This weekly planner is more traditional when it comes to the inner system but it has some functional pages as well. Weekly pages have a small calendar at the top to see the current and neighbor months which is always handy for quick references. There are also a lot of neat little details that make the planner easier to use: from tabs with monthly indicators on every page to highlighted holidays and checkboxes for to-do tasks for the day.

Note: 2021 version of Make Your Dreams Happen planner is bigger than your typical planner which is convenient for the desk but may not be your first choice for always carrying around.

7. Annual Planner by Bright Day Calendars

Main features:

  • Wide selection of bright designs
  • Monthly tabs for quick access
  • Inner pocket for external notes

If you are looking for something bright and inspiring but not too cute as the llamas above, look at the products made by Bright Day Calendars! They have a ton of cool stuff besides the annual planners: things like calendars, meal planners, daily to-do lists, magnetic pads, and such. They pretty much have you covered in all the important areas of planning.

But back to the planner! There is a variety of cover designs from cute animals you see here to abstract and floral patterns so everyone can find something pleasing. This annual planner is for a person who prefers more traditional ways of planning and time management: a simple dated solution from January to December 2021 with weekly and monthly schedules. It has convenient tabs for quick access to every month, habit trackers to check your every day of sticking to new routines, and some extra space for notes. If that sounds like a planner for you, go choose your favorite cover!

8. Goal Crazy Undated Planner

Main features:

  • 90-day productivity planner
  • Life-crash course for setting goals
  • 3 monthly habit trackers included

Thoughtfully designed with the customer in mind, a Goal Crazy planner is made of thick almond paper, has rounded edges, an elastic band, and three bookmark ribbons. Its smooth leather cover makes you look and feel professional whenever you use the planner!

The name Goal Crazy says right away that it’s focused on setting and achieving goals. The whole planner is organized around getting clarity on your goals and creating the strategies to make them real. There is even a life-crash course section at the beginning with a set of exercises to bring those crazy goals you have in mind to the surface!

This planner has a simple minimalist layout inside to give your a clear focus on your planning. There are many short sections for daily priorities, accomplishments, ideas, journaling, and also places for writing down your feelings and affirmations for the day. The weekly view contains categories for each life area which you can fill and then break everything down into daily tasks.

Note: Goal Crazy planner also comes in different colors: from classic black to girly rose gold.

9. Legend Planner

Main features:

  • Undated with monthly pages in bulk
  • Life vision, dreams & goals
  • Success strategies & daily rituals
  • 100+ fun planner stickers

Legend Planner is said to have been designed based on scientific research so it’s supposed to increase your productivity and happiness levels by definition! It includes an illustrated user manual to give you a quick start and walk you through all the sections.

The planner starts with your life vision and outlining the most important dreams and goals, which you then break down into yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. There are sections where you can reflect on strategies to get what you want and come up with daily rituals to get more productive.

Monthly pages all come together before the weekly pages so you aren’t bound by any calendar restrictions. The Legend Planner also includes 100+ colorful stickers with motivational words, useful labels, and decorative elements so you can make the planner even more inspiring and personalized!

10. IFocus Business Planner

Main features:

  • Project timelines and planners
  • Monthly and quarterly goals
  • Tracking important deadlines

IFocus may not be the best daily planner for everyone but it’s one of the best business planners for entrepreneurs and professionals. So if you are a small business owner, a freelancer, a startup founder, or any other kind of creative professional, this might be just the planner for you!

It provides you with weekly and daily productivity planning pages to make your business awesome. This includes outlining the main focus points, figuring out what are the most urgent and important tasks to address, and taking notes while brainstorming on short-term and long-term goals for your business.

Compared to personal undated planners that let you slack for a week or two and go unnoticed, ifocus planner is dated and has separate pages for quarterly goals and project timelines. It expects from you to work hard and focused so you get to see the most amazing results with your business!

11. GoGirl Planner Pro

Main features:

  • Weekly habit trackers
  • Life balance goals
  • Professional but girly design

This one aimed at go-getter women audience so if that’s not the case for you, skip right to the next one!

Go Girl Planner is one of the best productivity planners for an entrepreneur, a student, or someone who needs to organize and improve her life. It contains multiple useful pages for setting top priority goals and coming up with actionable strategies to achieve them.

On every monthly overview page, there is a section for life balance goals: it covers things like family, love life, hobbies, spiritual goals, health, and more so you stay on top of every aspect of your life and not just bury yourself in work. Weekly overview pages incorporate to-do lists and weekly habit trackers, which is actually more convenient than keeping track of everything in external monthly habit trackers.

Note: As much as this GoGirl Planner is girly, it doesn’t only come in rose gold! Turquoise and purple are two other options for someone like me who is not into pink!

12. Law Of Attraction Planner

Main features:

  • Planner & life journal in one
  • Roadmap to success
  • About 300 fun stickers

This is an awesome life planner that lets you organize everything with the help of the law of attraction to get to the best possible version of yourself and your life! It’s one of the best paper planners out there for a spiritual person as it combines the best techniques from productivity journals and traditional planners into one system.

Using Law Of Attraction planner as a daily tool is best for being productive in all your life areas. This is a 12-month journey of life transformation into someone you always wanted to become! It includes a ton of cool tools to make it happen: from a defined success roadmap to a booklet with information on how the law of attraction works. There are a lot of reflection prompts to understand your internal desires and blockers that stop them from coming true.

On weekly and monthly pages there are sections to set intentions, define action points, celebrate victories, and so on. And there is a short inspirational quote for every week!

Law of Attraction planner motivates you to go for things you’ve always wanted and act to change your life for the better. It leaves you a lot of empty pages in the end for journaling, doodling, or writing down your favorite positive affirmations.

Final thoughts on best productivity planners for 2021

These were my top-12 of the best planners and organizers in 2021! I hope this guide was useful for you to find the very best goal planner for your needs.

I think they all are awesome but everyone is looking for something different in the day planners so tell me in the comments, which one you ended up with! I’m curious to know what’s important for you when it comes to organizers and planners. Are you looking for a new interesting system and many reflection prompts or are you more of a traditional person who prefers a minimalistic approach of just writing daily tasks? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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