Decorating A Cork Board At Home: Ideas, Tips, Best Supplies
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Decorating A Cork Board At Home: Ideas, Tips, Best Supplies

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Hanging and decorating a cork board on a wall is a unique and creative way to spruce up your home environment. Whether you are looking for something to make your home office more fun, to make your bedroom an inspiring place, or to personalize a boring dorm room wall, cork board is perfect for you!

Even if you have a small piece of wall for yourself, you can use it as an inspiration board!

wall decoration idea to make office feel more like home
Not cork but you get the idea

If you have a plain white wall, you may just use that surface to put everything on it without even hanging a board. However, it may be damaging to the paint and also limiting in terms of what you can place on it! Using a cork board is a more flexible approach and you can circulate its content however often you want without hurting your house walls every time.

With cork wall boards, your imagination is your only limit!

From creating an inspiring mood board to making a brainstorming corner out of it, there are tons of ideas on what you can do with a cork board according to your personal taste!

What to put on a cork board

Decorating a bulletin board at home is a cool process for making the space around you more “yours” and inspiring. Open up your creative flow and think about everything that gets you going! It’s different for everyone as we all get triggered by various things. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your cork board at this point, look through my ideas below and find out what may work for you!

In case you aren’t even sure you necessarily want a cork board, I’ve listed some interesting alternatives in the end of this post.

Here are a few cork board decoration ideas to get you inspired for your own project:

1. Make a mood board in your favorite color

If you have a favorite color or just a color you like at the moment, why not decorate you cork board in that color scheme? This way it will look curated and please your eye whenever you look at it!

It’s very common to decorate a wall with “winter vibes” or “sweater weather” look. Or maybe do the opposite and add a beach vibe to the room with warm summer colors and pictures of the ocean!

You can redecorate it next season or whenever you get inspired by another color!

Here is an example of a blue-toned moodboard:

And this is the one in calm nude colors:

Somewhat similar to creating a curated Instagram feed! Only you should do it once and enjoy every day!

2. Create a postcard gallery

If you happen to be a postcrosser like I am, you can hang your favorite postcards from all over the world on your cork board. Unique stamps can complement the project too!

Here is an amazing wall of a passionate postcrosser:

And here is another one of the cute cork board ideas for walls, in this case a more curated and themed postcard-filled wall.

There is no right or wrong approach to decorating a cork board on your wall. Do it in a way that inspires you and makes you happy and comfortable being around that place!

3. Make a vision board from your cork wall

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, your cork board is a good place to keep track of your dreams and goals. You can create a specific vision board for the next month, quarter, or year, or just have an ongoing one. Putting some images down when your dreams come true and making space for new ones is an inspiring activity by itself!

Bulk print and put your wishlist items there, like a dream house, or a perfect vacation you have in mind. It doesn’t have to be about material things: it’s up to you to make it all about desired emotions and whatever happiness means to you!

When decorating a cork board for a home office, you can add something about your desired work achievements that would motivate you to be more productive.

4. Put all your project ideas on your board

This one also works well for your home office, but not exclusively.

Make it all work-related or add some personal projects and plans if you wish: it’s your wall! Your daily habit trackers and work goals may also go up there if it’s convenient for you to track the progress on the wall.

5. Feature your photography on a cork wall

If you like photography, print some of the photos you are most proud of and make your own gallery. Alternatively, buy a few amazing photography prints from Minted and make your wall a piece of art!

6. Organize your reminders in a home office

Find all your post-it notes that clutter your workspace and pin them onto your cork board so they are always in front of your eyes. This way you won’t forget anything important anymore and your desk also stays clean!

Some of the notes may contain cheerful words and kind mental things you sometimes need to be reminded of. Phrase it in your own way or write down a few of your favorite quotes, however you like it. As long as you see it every day and it makes you feel good, it works.

wall decoration idea with a cork board to make office feel more like home

7. Fill your wall with warm memories

Print your favorite photos with friends and family, find a few greeting cards with the best messages you received for previous birthdays, and maybe choose some little valuable gifts you got from your loved ones that can be pinned.

For decorating an office wall, add some photos of you having a good time with your coworkers! If you don’t have such pictures, maybe it’s time to create new good memories?..

If you keep tickets from memorable trips or shows, they are perfect for your memory lane wall as well. Decorate it with warm string lights and that’s it! You’ll get a dose of warm feelings and good vibes every time this cork board catches your eye.

8. Make it a motivational board

Print or buy some inspirational images and/or your favorite quotes, then maybe put some photos of the role models you are looking up to. They may be successful people in your industry or just someone whose lifestyle inspires you. Whatever (or whoever) sparks your motivation and helps you get to work when you feel lazy, bring it on your wall!

make a motivational board at home

9. Mix all of the above on your cork board

This is the most flexible approach and basically what I usually have on my home office wall. A bunch of photos, postcards, and inspirational quotes, combined with my habit tracker and my vision board – works like a charm for my daily motivation!

Here is a good example of what I mean:

10. Use patterns and graphic elements to elevate your cork board

If your work or hobbies depend on your creativity, surround yourself with a few items that may trigger that creative process. Anything from your favorite patterns, color schemes, interesting materials, design elements, and pieces of cloth, to unique ideas and styles you love. If it inspires you, keep it close!

Where to buy a cork board

Many big stores in the US sell different types of cork bulletin boards, for example:

These are the best cork boards on Amazon according to customer reviews:

Make sure to check the size before purchasing to avoid bad surprises. I often see bad reviews for things on Amazon from people disappointed with the size of something – whereas it’s clearly specified in the description. Just make sure it fits your wall!

Useful supplies for decorating a cork board

Here are some useful supplies to help you implement cork board ideas described above:

DIY cork board ideas

If you are a craft person or just looking for cheaper alternative, consider making a DIY cork board! Not only it will be more unique and personalized but you can make it exactly the size you need! This is a very useful approach for example for a tiny home office space where the usual 24 x 36 inch ready-made corkboard won’t fit.

Another reason for a DIY bulletin board is that from one list of cork material you can make a few cork boards for different rooms or even a whole wall of cork for pinning! You may decide that you want one normal-sized board for your bedroom and a smaller one for your recipes in the kitchen. Or make your home office door all-cork from the inside. Or make a special uniquely decorated board for each of your children!

The opportunities are limitless when it comes to bulletin board ideas for home!

At this point, after looking through all the ideas for cork boards listed above, you probably know what you want to do with your cork board and where it’s gonna be hanging. If you want a homemade bulletin board or a few, all you need now is to measure your space(s) and find the right-sized cork roll you can cut.

Other than that, make sure to check that your cork material (whether it’s true cork, cork foam board, or felt) is thick enough for push pins to avoid damaging the wall. Although even if it’s not, not to worry! You can always use two layers of cork together like on the video below if you have enough material.

Supplies for a DIY cork board

If you want to make a cork board yourself, here are some things you’ll need:

How to make a DIY cork wall

Watch this quick video to see a full process for making a cork wall at home:

Not so difficult, is it?

I like how cork looks but some people don’t, and that’s okay. Maybe it doesn’t fit your interior, or you want it to be less boring and more special. And you know what? You totally can!

Here is a good example of how you can decorate a cork board with fabric and ribbon:

Needless to say, there is no lack of good fabric out there. Although if you choose this approach, I’d recommend sticking to plain pastel colors so the content of your bulletin board is more prominent.

Besides, if you ever get bored with your fabric, you can do a total cork board makeover with another piece of cloth, which can completely change the look and feel of your room!

Another way to decorate your cork board is to paint it. Best way to do this is by using a spray paint that keeps the beautiful cork structure visible. Metallic gold paint is the most popular choice for DIY painting a cork board for home walls as it is close to the natural cork color but looks fresh and shiny.

As you can see, DIY cork board is fairly easy to make and decorate and it looks nice and festive when finished!

Best cork board alternatives

These days there are so many ways to decorate your walls that you don’t have to go with the cork board if you don’t like it for some reason.

One nice perk of a cork bulletin board, though, is that it does a great job hiding a terrible wall color or a damaged wall behind it. Wire grid panel won’t help you with that but other options probably will.

In any case, choose whichever feels more aesthetically pleasing to you, and have some fun decorating it!

Let’s see a few equivalents of cork board for making an inspiration wall at home!

Mesh wire board panel

This is what I have in my home office! I use a black wire mesh grid board as I find it more modern and stylish than an old-school cork board.

You can also put it on your desk against the wall instead of hanging it if you don’t want to make holes in your wall. This, of course, only works if you sit face-to-wall and not otherwise, which is often the case for small home offices and dorm rooms.

Here are some good wire boards from Amazon:

With a mesh wire board, you can choose the color you want that works well with your interior. For example, I like the look and feel of a white panel but I wouldn’t use it against my white wall.

Another benefit is that in this case you’ll use clips instead of push pins so there is no holes. It literally looks like new after years of using it!

Lastly, it’s easier to decorate than a cork board because the surface is not flat. You can tie ribbons to it and hang your decor on strings. There is also a lot of ways to put string lights on it for that perfect cozy atmosphere!

Here are some things you may find useful for decorating your wire board:

Magnetic dry erase board

Another way to avoid pin holes is by using a magnet board.

It basically works exactly as your fridge on the outside but you can also write and draw on it.

I’m sure you’ve seen it either at school or at work so the concept should be familiar. Great for teaching, brainstorming, and playing Pictionary!

You can absolutely implement all the cork board decoration ideas with a magnetic board if you want, just use magnets instead of pins. To make it look prettier, just use some fun magnets like these cat ones!

Mixed bulletin and magnet board

Can’t decide between a bulletin cork board and a magnet board? Don’t worry, you don’t have to!

Just look at these creative mixed options that can satisfy all your creative needs at once!

Felt Board

Compared to cork boards, felt boards are usually cheaper and offer some color variety. However, felt is thinner, so make sure there is another layer of material under it so pins won’t damage the wall.

Letter board

Want something completely different for your inspiration board? Here you are!

Some people like words on their walls more than images. If you are someone who prefers this minimalist approach, then a letter board may be a better choice for you.

With the letter set that is usually included with such board, you can write a motivational message for yourself and change it once in a while to keep the inspiration going. Whatever works for avoiding procrastination and being your most productive self!

Other ideas for using a letter board include writing nice messages for your loved ones every day, or hang it saying something warm in your guest room to make it feel more welcoming.

Creative board ideas for wall

If none of the above was creative enough for you, look at these!

Who said that a cork board has to be rectangular? With tiles you can make any shape you want! Or find a ready-made wire board of some interesting shape like the clouds above. As unique as it can get!

Imagine, when I was a child, there were only bulletin cork boards available. Now there are so many options out there, it’s crazy! Are you more of a wire board or a cork board person? Or maybe magnetic? Tell me in the comments!

Final thoughts on decorating a cork board at home

That was my full cork board decoration guide, hope it was useful!

Now you should not only know how to decorate a cork board and what to put on a bulletin board in your room, but also be able to make a fun DIY project out of the boring basic cork board!

Did you get inspired for your own creative cork board decoration process? Which of the mentioned ideas you’d like to see on your wall? Do you have more cork board ideas that aren’t on the list? Share with me and other readers in the comments!


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