How To Make Home Office More Comfortable: 12 Cozy Ideas
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How To Make Home Office More Comfortable: 12 Cozy Ideas

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Why so many people hate their office jobs? There are obviously many reasons, one of which is that they don’t have any positive associations with the places they spent most of their days in! In this post, you’ll find 12+ interesting ideas on how to make a home office more comfortable so you’ll love to visit it often and work towards your goals!

Your home office environment should be the most welcoming as this is where you make your dreams come true! We have different kinds of days and getting into a productive mood sometimes feels harder than usual, that’s why it’s important to make sure that your workplace helps you be effective, and not the opposite.

By combining some ideas for a professional-looking home office with the cozy ones in this guide, you can create a personal environment that will welcome you with good vibes every time you walk in.

So here are 12 ideas for making your home office more comfortable!

1. Invest in a good ergonomic chair

If your work from home, chances are you spend most of your waking time sitting. Even if you workout or go for long walks, the amount of active time during the day still hardly compares to your sedentary time.

That’s why it’s so important to not underestimate the power of a good chair!

You may choose the coziest-looking chair on the market like this one or that one and expect it to make you comfortable in your home office, but you’ll soon start to feel how bad it is for your posture and health. Things like headaches, fatigue, back pain, and neck stiffness are only at the start of the spectrum of symptoms that can be brought by bad ergonomics!

Those chairs aren’t bad though! They are just not suitable for your home office, especially in the long run. But you can totally use them for other areas where you don’t spend a lot of time, such as in a lounge zone inside or outside your house or as a make-up chair.

Now, here are a few examples of good office chairs: they all have armrests, built-in lumbar support, and keep your spine in a comfortable and healthy position throughout your work day.

2. Setup a flexible workstation

Tired of sitting all day? Try standing!

Working in a standing position instead of sitting is proven to be beneficial in many ways, especially as it takes the pressure off your lower back. It also makes it easier to take breaks during the day as you are already standing and can easily go for a snack or do some light exercise!

If you ever wanted to try it but were afraid of what colleagues might think, this is your chance! Being able to organize your workplace in a way that works perfectly for you without external opinions is one of the best perks of working from a home office.

Of course, not everyone wants to stay all day, and it’s understandable. That’s why your best option is to make your workstation flexible so you can easily switch from standing back to sitting if you get a bit tired.

There are generally two ways to create a standing workstation:

  • If you haven’t purchased a desk for your home office yet or replacing a desk is a feasible option, then look at adjustable desks. They usually have a simple mechanism to adjust the position according to your height and a fairly easy way to go from sitting to standing or vice versa.
  • If you already have a desk in your home office but want more flexibility, look at adjustable desk risers. In this case, you put it on top of your existing desk, and then adjust the height however you need.

3. Hang some plants

Yes, I said hang!

Typical office plants you are used to having on your desk or on the floor around you are awesome, but they don’t contribute much to the coziness level of the room.

When those same plants are hanging down from your ceiling or on the walls, that’s a completely different vibe! Especially in these beautiful boho macrame plant hangers.

Here are a few hangers from Amazon to illustrate the idea:

If that’s not exactly your style, consider at least adding some little succulents for your office desk. Maybe even in cute planters that will make you smile and boost your mood for productivity!

4. Clean the air

Bad air conditions at work contribute to your health issues which may affect your productivity without you even noticing. They also can trigger asthma and lower your immunity by making you get ill more often. The lack of fresh air makes you feel sleepy and tired faster as you don’t get enough oxygen to your lungs, which will definitely make you feel lazy and procrastinate more.

Some of the things you can do to keep the air in your office great for breathing:

  • Open the windows regularly to air the room
  • Invest in a good-quality air conditioner. The right temperature in a home office also makes you feel more comfortable when working, as it’s quite hard to concentrate in too hot or too cold conditions.
  • Use air-purifying plants that absorb toxins from the air
  • Use an air humidifier to prevent dryness of the skin, lips, nose, and throat
  • Some humidifiers are also essential oil diffusers so you can make your office smell good too!

5. Please your body with comfy tools

We already covered the basics such as an ergonomic desk and chair above, but what about the other parts of your body? The comfier it is for you to sit in your home office, the more productive you’ll be there. Care about your spine and posture? Well, your arms, feet, and even buttocks need some love too!

Here are some nice tools you can use to level up the comfort of your office at home:

6. Put a cozy rug on the floor

Oftentimes a nice and soft area rug is exactly the missing piece of a puzzle to complement your home office decoration style.

What can be more comfortable than feeling a pleasant warm texture under your feet? You may be wearing a full-on office attire to look presentable for your conference calls, but you probably don’t wear heels around your home office that much.

You can think of the rug as a nice touch to make your office area comfier, or choose a bright fun one and make it a centerpiece!

Plush and fluffy or thin and elegant? It’s up to you!

7. Organize your desk to avoid clutter

Cluttered office space is one of the very common reasons for procrastination.

When you enter the office and the first thing you see is a huge pile of stuff to deal with, it can be overwhelming. With time, it may create such a negative impression in your brain that you’ll subconsciously avoid this room as much as possible.

Needless to say, your productivity will struggle a lot if you don’t really wanna work in your office.

When everything is organized and clean, it feels much more welcoming and pretty. It’s almost easier to breathe!

Get rid of everything that you don’t need, organize your files in a system, and find a place for every item to leave as many free surfaces as possible. As we know, clear space helps to clear your mind.

Here are a few practical organizing ideas for your desk:

Do you always get frustrated with a bunch of wires cluttering your desk and ruining your otherwise perfect workplace? I feel you! With these simple cable clips, I changed my desk a lot by hiding all my cords out of sight. And I don’t have to look for them anymore when I need to plug something in!

Here are some ideas on how you can organize the cables in your office:

8. Put an inspiration board on a wall

Your home office is your personal space to be creative and work effectively. Why not help the process by putting a bunch of things that inspire you on the wall?

Depending on your personal taste, it may be anything from motivational quotes to photos of your dream house. I recently put together a ton of ideas for decorating a cork board at home, some of which you might find useful for your own office! I also list lots of alternatives there if you don’t like cork surfaces.

Here are some ways to organize an inspiration board to get your imagination working:

If you don’t want to hang a board, there are plenty of other interesting ways to decorate your home office walls, such as:

9. Ensure good lighting

As you sit all the time behind the computer in bad lighting conditions, your eyes may struggle a lot. At first, you don’t feel it but with time your eyesight might start to worsen and your eyes get tired much faster. A good pair of blue light blocking glasses is a must among other essentials for remote workers, but the overall lighting situation is even more important.

The best-case scenario is to sit near big windows to ensure lots of natural light in your room. However, it’s not possible for everyone. Many home office workers have a very small home office that doesn’t even have any windows. If that’s the case, or if you tend to work at night, make sure to arrange for enough light in the room to protect your eyes.

Here are some fun desk lamps you may like:

10. Throw a bunch of blankets for coziness

You probably don’t know this about me, but I’m a huge fan of cozy blankets. I literally use every opportunity to cuddle up under a blanket at home, whether I’m watching a movie in the living room or working in my office area. And it’s always a good gift idea if you know my style!

That’s why I couldn’t help but include some throw blankets in this list. They instantly add +50% to feeling cozy and comfortable in any room!

Here are some awesome warm examples you can’t miss:

11. Light a nice scented candle

We talked about the look of your office a lot, now let’s think about pleasing other senses!

A good-smelling object always pulls you into the room and makes you wanna stay. Just think about the awesome smell of cinnamon ginger cookies coming from the kitchen around Christmas! (This reminds me of Monterey Jack from Chip’n’Dale cartoon, remember how he was always drawn to cheese as soon as he smelled it? Just me? Okay, never mind…)

Anyway, scented candles not only add your favorite flavor to the room but can also help you be more focused and productive if you choose the right scents. Wanna know more? Here is my selection of the best candles for a home office, enjoy!

And here are some quick links to the most unique candles for you:

12. Add some fun decor to personalize your office space

Best thing about having an office at home, even if you work from a closet (yes, that’s a thing!), is that you can decorate it however you want, and nobody will judge you!

While corporate office may have some rules or color schemes you have to abide by, at home you are your own boss and can let all your creative energy out!

You can learn more about making your home office fun yet professional in my other guide, and here are a few random ideas you may find interesting:

Bonus idea to make your home office super cozy

If all of the above is not comfortable enough for you and you are ready to go all the way, look at hanging chairs! If these aren’t cozy, I don’t know what is! One day I’ll have a bigger office and hang the hammock like that for sure!

This is what I call the next level of coziness! Think they are not professional enough for the office? You gotta take breaks, you know! Imagine relaxing in a warm hanging chair (covered in a blanket!) with a good book after an exhausting meeting. I know it sounds like you won’t wanna leave it and go back to work but I’d take my chances!

Here are a few hammock ideas for your home office:

Final thoughts on making your home office more comfortable

These were my 12+1 cozy ideas for making your home office feel more welcoming and comfortable to be in. If you have done something unique with your office space, feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to know!

Do you enjoy having fun and cozy things in the office or prefer to keep it strictly professional?

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