WFH: How To Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional
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WFH: How To Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional

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One of the amazing perks of working from home is that you can create a home office of your dreams and decorate it completely to your taste.

However, it’s still a place where you will be working, right? You probably don’t want it to be too distracting and all. In this post, I share 18 ideas on how to make your office space look fun yet professional!

According to research, nice office design can make a significant influence on employee’s overall productivity, in some cases increase it by more than 50%! The main points of interest are numbers #15 and #8 from my list, make sure to pay attention to those!

And while working from home is hard enough with cellphone distractions and the need to beat laziness from time to time, why not make some effort to create a pleasant environment for yourself with a highly effective vibe?

There are absolutely no restrictions to what you can and cannot do compared to a corporate office with strict rules! You can choose your favorite contrasting colors, add weird furniture, fill the whole space with cool items related to your hobby and personal life, and nobody will judge you!

By the way, if used in moderation, most of these can work for your office cubical as well! So even if you decide to go back to a corporate office one day, you can bring some stuff from your home office and make it fun and professional in there too!

Apply these 18 office decoration ideas according to your personal taste and you’ll soon create an amazing place that will inspire you for hard and productive work!

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how to give your home office a professional look
how to make your home office look fun yet professional

1. Use natural materials

using natural materials in the home office

Using natural materials in an office environment is proven to improve the job attitude and mental health of employees. And who would argue that they also look amazing when combined in one stylish interior?

There are so many ways to use natural elements to make your office space cozy and slick! Wood, stone, and bamboo are the most commonly used materials. Look for matching organizers, similarly designed items, and sets of useful tools like bamboo stands on the image above.

Home office ideas with natural materials:

2. Go wireless

professional wireless computer accessories for home office

A bunch of always tangled wires on your desk can make it look messy and cluttered even when it’s otherwise empty. Instead, go for a clean cable-free environment by choosing wireless accessories instead of wired ones whenever possible.

From mouse and keyboard to headphones and chargers, there is hardly any device these days that doesn’t have a wireless option!

Wireless devices you can use in the home office:

3. Keep it minimal

minimal home office professional setup ideas

With lots of natural distractions at home there is no need to add extra ones! Keep your office space clean and uncluttered by using only essential items and hiding everything else into drawers. It often feels like it’s easier to breathe when there is a lot of free space around you.

Besides, a place with minimal decor always looks neat and professional! This is the case when less is definitely more.

Minimal home office ideas:

4. Use matching colors

fun matching colors in professional office space home decoration

Professional-looking offices always have a clearly defined color palette. Choose no more than three colors that match, including your favorite as an accent one, and design your whole home office with those shades in mind. You may wanna follow some basic interior design color rules to ensure the best results.

An easy solution is to choose one of the main colors to be black or white. This gives you lots of choices in terms of furniture and matching accessories. Also, using a desk mat may be a good idea to add a color accent to your office setup – plus, it’s waterproof and has a feature of a mouse pad!

Home office desk setup ideas with matching colors:

5. Add one accent piece

bright centerpiece at home

Too many bright colors can make any office look unprofessional and highly distracting. Being surrounded by a bunch of aggressive shades all day long can overwhelm you easily and impact your mood in a bad way.

Go with more or less neutral colors but allow one noticeable part of the room to become an accent centerpiece. It may be an interesting piece of furniture, a bright contrasting wall, or a beautiful fine art print. To add some individuality, find a wall mural that will inspire your creative flow!

Accent mural ideas for home office:

6. Listen to good music

listening to good music while working from home

One of the perks of having a personal office space is that you can finally listen to your music out loud and not bother any team members. I have nothing against earbuds but sometimes you just wanna be surrounded by music! And in your home office, you can do just that.

Choose a modern portable speaker with high-quality sound or a cool retro one that will emphasize the concept of your room. And don’t forget about #2!

Best Bluetooth speakers for home:

7. Make room for healthy snacks

having healthy snacks when working from home

Whenever we get hungry during working hours, we often reach for a quick and easy solution so we can get back to work right away. Having a dedicated place in your office with a basket full of fruit or healthy snacks will ensure that you won’t fill your stomach with junk food and ruin your health for the sake of work.

Instead of bad stuff like chips and sweets, aim for healthy sugar-free bars, nuts, fruit, and berry mixes. Not only they are mainly free of chemicals, but they also give you a good boost of energy while keeping your insulin levels in place.

Buy some snacks for hunger strikes at home:

8. Have a few plants or succulents

minimal fun decor and using plants in a professional home office

Incorporating plants in your workspace at home has lots of scientifically-proven benefits besides just making it look nice and fresh. At the very least, it adds something alive to your office that doesn’t distract you from the work (not something you can say about other “creatures” you may have at home)! If you don’t wanna care too much or your office conditions are far from perfect, go with Pothos or ZZ Plants.

A low-maintenance plant is one of the good gifts for remote workers so why not buy one (of a set of little ones) for yourself? Especially when there are so many cute planters and hangers out there!

Fun plant ideas for your home office:

9. Hang some bookshelves

useful bookshelves in a home office

Every room will instantly feel cozier with some books! I’m saying this as a bookworm but you don’t have to be! A home office is a good place for some self-development books, motivational ones, business literature, or something related to your field of expertise.

If you prefer reading from your Kindle, listening to audiobooks, or going through quick book summaries, you can still use book shelves for plants, work-related documents, and all kinds of decor items!

Fun home office bookshelves ideas:

10. Make your office smell good

how to make home office funL use aromatherapy

How your office space looks is not the only thing that defines how you feel in it. The way it smells in the room where you spend most of your time is important too!

By choosing the right scent you can completely change the mood during working hours! For example, lavender oil is known to be relaxing whereas mint oil is often used to stimulate the mind’s activity. I suggest you buy a pack of different awesome-smelling oils and use them strategically for different phases of your work day!

Quality essential oil diffuser will make your office smell the way you want it to. Alternatively, a couple of scented candles can set the mood and add to the overall aesthetic of the place.

Best aromatherapy diffusers for your home office:

Nice scented candles for your office space:

11. Add some motivational stuff

motivational decor for professtional office space

What can be better than an instant boost of positivity in the morning? Add a few strategic things to your desk or walls so your office will welcome you every day with some motivational line! And bring your favorite boss mug that will keep your mood up after you set it in the morning with happy affirmations.

If staring at the same prints and posters every day seems boring to you, there are all kinds of inspirational calendars that tell you something different every day in order to keep you highly motivated. If you want a more structured experience, goal setting planners may be a good fit for you as well!

Motivational things for the home office:

12. Keep it organized

fun organized desk in a professional home office

You may be saying productivity affirmations a thousand times (BTW, here is how many you should do) and watch motivational videos all day long but you will hardly be productive in a messy environment!

Use holders, baskets, shelves, and other kinds of organizers that fit your chosen aesthetic. Let every little thing have its own place around your office. Keep your workspace as clean as possible so you have space to work and can easily find anything when you need it.

Practical organization ideas for your home office:

13. Use patterns for coziness

using cozy patterns in a professional home office decor

While plain colors are simple and keep your interior clean, sometimes you may want to add a little interesting twist. Patterns make your office feel cozy and more like home while still keeping the professional look if they fit into your design and not overused.

I love simple black & white kinda geometrical patterns and bohemian motives the most but it’s up to your personal unique taste to choose specific designs. Natural patterns are also good to add some fun tropical vibes to your workspace.

Go for less relaxing colors as they don’t give you an overly relaxing bedroom feeling. You clearly don’t need it in the office!

Beautiful home office decor with patterns:

14. Hang a clock

using fun wall clock in the home office

If you usually use your phone to check the time, you may be open to unwanted digital distractions. Put your phone into a drawer for your focused time frames and use a real wall clock instead. Hang it in front of you so you can peek at it unnoticed during a long Zoom meeting!

To stick to rule #4, take a look at beautiful unique wall clocks from Society6 or Redbubble: you’ll most likely find one that will match your theme and add a nice touch to your home office setup.

Home office clock ideas:

15. Take care of ergonomics

bad ergonomics at home
An example of bad ergonomics at home

Besides other factors that influence your productivity at home, ergonomic furniture and accessories may be even more important in the long run. Working from a couch or a floor may seem flexible and fun to change the scenery once in a while, but you shouldn’t make it a habit.

Back, neck, and shoulder pain, spinal dysfunction, headaches, fatigue, and digestion issues are just a few things that may be caused by sitting with a poor posture for long periods of time. Feeling sick or in pain will unavoidably lead to procrastination, bad productivity, or even skipping the whole days of work that will then negatively affect your monthly performance.

A good supporting office chair should literally be the first thing you buy for your office! Or even consider sitting on a yoga ball that you can also use for some exercise after hours. In any case, care about your home office ergonomics in advance and future healthy you will thank you!

Ergonomic things to use in your office space:

16. Ensure good lighting

good lighting is important for home office

Not everyone has big panoramic windows at home. If your office is on the dark side or if you live in a rainy city with hardly any sun like I do, having a good artificial lighting setup is a must.

White light is better for work whereas yellow is relaxing and more appropriate for a living room or bedroom. It’s up to you to choose between a desk lamp and a floor lamp but make sure to not stare at your computer screen in the dark, especially if you tend to work at night.

Lighting options for your home office:

17. Incorporate wall decor

home office wall decor ideas

Nothing says boring office like a blank wall in front of you. Remember, your goal is to create an inspiring space for yourself that you will happily enter every day!

Hang a wire grid or a corkboard on your wall and fill it with inspiring notes, quotes, pictures, and whatever else works for you. Or choose a super motivational big poster that will light a fire under you and make you effective at home every day!

Look for home office wall art inspiration on Pinterest and then buy all kinds of beautiful prints and posters at designer websites like Society6, Redbubble, or Minted! Or choose one of the nice quotes for a growth mindset and print it by yourself. Whichever it is, an extra boost of daily motivation has never hurt anyone!

Wall decor ideas for home office:

18. Add a personal touch

add a fun touch of your personality to a professional home office

Every person has a unique personality, and no home office should be generic and flat.

Make it all about you! Hang some personal photos, put figurines from your favorite fandom on the desk, use a cute mug, and keep a few interesting stuff related to your hobbies here and there. If someone takes a look at your home office, it’s nice if they can catch your vibe, whether it’s in colors or pet-themed decor.

But don’t overdo it! Keep your home office look professional: kitten wallpaper on the office walls might not be a good idea.

Fun ideas for personal items:

Conclusion on making your home office space fun but professional

These were my 18 ideas for organizing and decorating your home office! Now you know how to make it look interesting and inspiring but at the same time create a productive environment for your work.

With these tips, you can expect to hear compliments from whoever visits your home office, even if they only see part of it as your background on a Zoom call. And most importantly, you’ll love being in this place and will come there willingly when it’s time to get some work done!

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how to make office space look fun yet professional
18 ways to make home office look professional

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